We spotted the large blue leather Michele Kors tote a mile away! Michelle was sitting quietly on the corner of 11th and Santee waiting for her lunch ticket number to be called.  She looked a bit exhausted from possibly shopping since she had several small black bags on her table. We found out Michelle was a native of the Glendale area and traveled to Santee often. She stated that she works at Joe’s Jeans not too far from Santee and is an easy trip on her lunch break.

Her inspiration is broad, she loves looking at magazines and is heavy into social media.  Her favorite being Pinterest were she adds all the things she loves and then seeks them when shopping. She also states how she likes the convenience of having so many stores in such a small radius. Its a one stop shop for everything I might need when she has an emergency fashion crisis!

Before she began to eat her lunch we asked her what she was wearing, she said, “Georgio Armani leggings, Urban Outfitters scarf, H&M sweater, Michael Kors watch & handbag.” She also said “Bubbles” was one of her favorite stores.





Spotting her from afar, we walked briskly to catch up to her without scaring her away. We found a fashion merchandising student! Amazingly dressed in stripped sheer blouse, metallic black leggings, and Jeffrey Campbell Lita platforms. Her accessories were just as amazing. She rocked a silver Michael Kors watch, a triangle-spiked necklace with a matching bracelet and an Urban Outfitters handbag. We could clearly tell she knew her stuff!

Therefore, we knew that we would get some good information. We asked her why she shops at Santee, and like many she responded,”great prices for great stuff. It’s really the same clothing you find in stores such as Forever 21 or any other little stores in the local malls.” She told us she keeps the “variety” in her shopping habits. She said she goes everywhere to shop, from online to strip malls, to Target.  With her major being Fashion Merchandising Graduate from FIDM, she understands how to exhaust all her resources to make something “cheap look good.”




Canadians on Santee Alley

Canadians clearly had their minds set on vacationing in California this winter! We ran into 3 female tourists, Jennifer, Sonia and Jessica, also from Toronto, Canada.  They all were willing to give us some of their hometown style fashion tips.

We first had to know how they heard about Santee Alley. They said they were guided through word of mouth since they were staying in Downtown LA. We first asked what have they seen so far that would keep them coming back. Jennifer being the first to answer stated, ” We don’t get this in Canada, we are very mainstream and there is much lack of variety in our stores in Canada.” Jennifer being inspired by stores such as Victoria Secret, Forever 21 and Lids spoke about how Canada needs to improve their connection with the fashion world. She stated that even though they have mainstream stores in their malls, the stores don’t always carry everything that’s available. Therefore, they all stated, ” online shopping is a must!”

Second was Sonia, she spoke about how much she loves seeing the, “great prices and styles all in one location”. Sonia said that the cost of clothing is a little more in Canada therefore this was a great experience for her.

Last but not less was Jessica who wore a blue “LA” hat, forever 21 jeans, and black TOMS. She enjoyed the scenery of seeing great fashions at good prices.

The ladies all mentioned loving the style of a store called Scotch & Soda, in which is a specialty store based out of Amsterdam.




Arielle didn’t know what to expect from us. She was super giggly and unsure how to answer the questions, but we still got some good information on her shopping styles.  She buys her clothes everywhere but mainly from her job. She stated,” whats the point in going anywhere when I can buy all my clothes here, it’s easier for me.” Arielle and Maria have the same idea when is comes to their shopping concepts, “shop convenient at a low price“.  Arielle likes to wear styles that she sees shipped to her job. She is inspired by what looks good on her and not another necessarily another persons style.6

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